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How to get the financial status you need to know!

Great! You have appointed a builder within the project budget, they have started on site, everyone's happy. So what is the problem?

Up to now you owned the time, cost and quality on your project. It was up to you to change design, agree the funding budget with the financiers, issue a building contract, negotiate tenders, all to suit your requirements. In short - you were in control.

Once the builder starts on site this control over time, cost and quality becomes a two-way stream. The contract introduces variations and claims into the equation. The builder is entitled to test the contract documentation and you - the developer - pay for that entitlement.

As your quantity surveyors, we will be there right along with you, testing those claims and verifying variations to ensure they meets reasonable tests. Moreover, we will proactively take a view on ANTICIPATED variations and contractual claims so that you know the financial and time impact those may have on the project, in advance of when they become claimable under the contract.

Having this knowledge, it means that you will be able to manage design risk, change specifications to improve buildability or, ultimately, seek financial adjustments or funding to manage the estimated final cost of the project.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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